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Marilyn is our place-maker. Her focus is first and foremost on the creation of a warm and welcoming retreat. She lives in Paris and is a passionate reader and short story writer. Marilyn has a Master of Arts in Literature alongside a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Humanities with Literature, and a Diploma in Classical Studies. Having worked for 24 years in the hospitality industry, Marilyn appreciates the fine attention to detail to ensure a comfortable and highly enjoyable retreat. Marilyn delights in connecting people to bring out the best in all.

Ruth is a teacher at an International school in Paris and is also a writer. She has a Masters in International Education.  Ruth has just finished first novel set in Paris, 1944, and is seeking representation.













Hazel Manuel is our award-winning writer in residence. She is a UK born, Paris-based CEO turned novelist whose writing follows a successful business career. Hazel's first novel Kanyakumari was the winner of the 2013 Cinnamon Press Debut Novel award and was nominated for Wales book of the year in 2015. Described by one reviewer as "a writer who travels with her senses wide open" Hazel's  knowledgeable guidance provides invaluable help and advice. Following her well-received second novel, Hazel's current work in progress is a psychological thriiler entitled Cliff.